The Man Bag™ is the only fitness sandbag that can hold 10-100 lbs of sand without needing weighted inserts! With its patent-pending design, one bag gives you infinite possibilities!

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Upcoming Events

We like to get out and share the awesomeness of our sandbags as much as possible.  Come see us at these events...


The Schubox Classic - NorCal March 2017

The Schubox Classic is a Male/Female Intermediate Level CrossFit Partner Competition designed to challenge your fitness with tests of strength, endurance, and skill.

Man Down will be there with our Man Bags filled to 100 lbs for the sandbag cleans in Event #3 Total Recall! Plus, winners of the event will walk away with Man Down t-shirts and some serious bragging rights!

Saturday, March 4, 2017. 7:30am to 5:00pm. Schubox Athletics (425 Boulder Ct, Suite 800, Pleasanton, CA 94588)

Details available here.


It is our pleasure to workout with these amazing bags!!! We are very fortunate to have met you all and be given the opportunity to intensify our workout! Thank you again for such an AMAZING product!! We love it and recommend all our family and friends to invest in one.
— Linda C.
Had a chance to use your guys’ product and I must say it is phenomenal! I’ve used a lot of different types of varying weight sandbags and the quality of Man Down is far superior to any I’ve used before...
— Gavin C., Elite OCR Athlete
So the other day I trained with my fellow Spartans. I got the privilege of using his Man Down bag. What a great product this is. I used it from carrying it up a mountain side to every 100ft doing 25 squats and 25 clean and jerks. After going up then back down I was dead but had the best workout in a long time...
— Charlie
I was very impressed with the design and usability of this sandbag. The Man Bag makers at Man Down did their homework on a product that is durable and easy to use.
— Jamie T., Grinder's Gear Review
I love it when a simple piece of gear evolves into an advanced all-rounder you can take with you anywhere to train with anytime. In a hotel, in a parking lot, at the park, anywhere. This is exactly what the Mandown Manbag achieves, and no, it doesn’t take up half the luggage space.
— Vytautas, Grit Camp