Introducing Man Bag University!

Man Bag University (MBU) is our very own Sandbag Fitness Bootcamp, newly developed for 2017!  If you're new to the idea of working out with a sandbag, than MBU is just for you!

Purchase a Man Bag through this special offer and attend this 90 minute bootcamp with Man Bag trainers for FREE!  We've partnered with certified trainers from Fitness Without Limits for this event who will demonstrate some of the infinite ways to use the Man Bag and implement it into your regular workout routine.  The bootcamp will include a warm-up, instruction on how to workout with a sandbag, a workout, and a cool down period.  Plus, they're happy to share their knowledge of training with the Man Bag. 

The trainers for this event will be Bonnie Nuciforo and Bryan Tremaine of Fitness Without Limits. Both are certified personal trainers with over a decade of experience and a passion for training with the Man Bag fitness sandbag.

Details of this event include:

  • Location: Cedar Grove Park (11385 Pioneer Rd, Tustin, California 92782)
  • Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017
  • Time: 8am - 9:30am
  • What to bring: Your identification, your new Man Bag filled to your desired working weight, water, and towel or yoga mat.

Men's Journal​ reports strength training is essential for a healthy metabolism (and avoiding diabetes).

Men's Journal reports that strength training is essential for a healthy metabolism (and avoiding diabetes), and it's the crucial piece that many of us may be missing in our workout routine.

Wait, what about cardio?
Cardio serves a purpose, but muscle is the most metabolically influential tissue in your body. More muscle equals more metabolic horsepower. More metabolic horsepower means less chance of stored fat which can cause an uptick in blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and/or inflammation...leading to more stored fat.

Use it or lose it!
The most important point is to start working strength training into your fitness routine now rather than later. Create and maintain muscle mass now and you'll have more to lose when your older.  Plus, muscle fibers atrophy with age when they aren't in use, and you cannot gain them back. Later in life you can still build a strong muscle with the remaining fibers, but that muscle will never be as strong as it could have been.

MJ's Recommendation
A weightlifting workout that requires you to do traditional strength exercises with fast-paced body weight exercises in between. Choose 5 strength exercises that work major muscle groups such as weighted squats, lunges, dead lifts, rows, and bench presses. Do 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. Instead of resting between sets, do 60 seconds of any body weight exercise (jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, pushups, or pullups). Move continuously, without any long breaks.

How does the Man Bag™ fit into all this?
Our Man Bag fitness sandbag system is the perfect tool for strength training, but also can be used for enhanced body weight exercises, and explosive cardio through aerobic and anaerobic activity. It's a fitness trifecta! And don't worry, it's designed for anyone from beginner to advanced...with a weight range of 10-100 lbs! We also maintain a comprehensive list of high-intensity strength training and conditioning exercises and WODs on our website, which is quickly becoming one of the top resources for sandbag fitness on the internet. Pick up a Man Bag today and start a fitness routine that will actually make a difference in your life now and for your future.



The Man Bag was voted one of the 12 Best Holiday Gifts of 2016!

Our Man Bag fitness sandbag was chosen by Cool Material as one of the 12 Best Gifts for the 2016 holiday season for the Guy Who Likes to Stay in Shape! Have a fitness nut on your holiday gift-giving list? Get him a Man Bag fitness sandbag! Our bags even come in red and green...'tis the season!

Introducing our new bag and OD green!

We are so proud to introduce our new colors for the Man Bag fitness sandbag.  The new red bag was inspired by our Elite Spartan Racers, and in homage to our military and LEOs we produced an OD green bag to compliment their tactical gear.  Plus, we beefed up the bags themselves with little improvements such as firmer fabric, additional reinforcements, metal d-rings, and a new long-lasting logo.  So, purchase one and enjoy our Man Bag V.2!

Exercises with the Man Bag fitness sandbag

Turkish get-up, clean and jerk, skull crusher, Russian twist, shinbox...what are these? The aftermath of a poorly executed pick-up line at the local bar? Nope, they're some of the more than 70 different exercises you can do with your Man Bag fitness sandbag! See them all right here.

How do I use my dip strap with my Man Bag and weight belt?

How do I transform my Man Bag into a complete fitness system?

Purchase a weight belt and dip strap combo! The combo allows you to perform hands-free weighted exercises such as weighted dips, pull-ups, and chin-ups.

Combo includes our weight belt and dip straps (two straps, metal D-ring, O-ring and carabiner). Man Bag must be purchased separately.

Plus, enjoy a discount when you purchase the weight belt and dip strap as a combo as compared to purchasing them separately. Order at

I'm looking for a good weight belt. Have any ideas?

Yes we do! Man Down has partnered with Back-A-Line to provide a back brace support with patented curved and firm lumbar pad. Purchase it along with our dip strap and Man Bag to perform weighted exercises such as weighted dips, pull-ups, and chin-ups. Or purchase it alone and wear it during your everyday tasks to provide back support and pain relief. Back-A-Line belts have been worn by tens of thousands of people in industrial, work, and home environments and have been tested by the US Army, plus a number of highly-rated academic institutions, and now we are proud to offer them to you. Order at

Man Bags: A game-changing functional fitness sandbag for traditional gym and Crossfit box owners.

Gym and Crossfit box owners, order a set of Man Bags to have various weights available for your clients. These fitness sandbags hold 30 to 80 lbs., they're perfect for functional fitness drills, and best of all...they won't leak all over your gym floor like other sandbags. Seriously. Order 10 or more bags and get a $25 discount per bag.

My New Year's Resolution is to step up my fitness game. Do you have any new fitness ideas?

We sure do! Fill a Man Bag fitness sandbag with 30 or 50 lbs. and go for a hike or trail run. There are also over 60 other exercises you can do with just this single bag.  Check them out at

What exercises can I do with my sandbag?

We have identified over 60 exercises that you can do with the benefit of a Man Bag.  Find each of them along with photos showing you how to perform the exercise on our website at

Have any more ideas?  Please share.  You can upload them on our Instagram or Facebook page.  Or send us an email at

The fitness sandbag you can take with you...

The Man Bag™ is perfect for those of you who have to work out even when you're on vacation at the beach, or on a business trip. You know who you are, the fitness obsessed. We feel you. The Man Bag™ fitness sandbag can be completely emptied, packed in a bag or suitcase, carried to your travel destination, and refilled.

How do I quickly change the weight of my Man Bag?

Like everything else you own, your wife wants to share you Man Bag too.  But, how do you easily change the weight in the bag from 80 or 50 lbs. for you to 30 lbs. for your wife?  We came up with a groovy way to make the transition simple: 

Step 1 - Mark a 5 gallon bucket:
    5 3/4” from bottom ≈ 30 lbs.
    9” from bottom ≈ 50 lbs.

Step 2 - Fill your Man Bag™ to 80 lbs.

Step 3 - If you want your bag to be reduced to 30 lbs., then empty sand from your bag into the bucket until it reaches the 50 lbs. mark.  Empty or re-fill your bag in increments of 30 or 50 lbs. to easily transition between 30, 50, and 80 lbs.

Why is Made in the USA so important?

So, why the big fuss over being Made in the USA?  Because it is essential to our country’s economic well-being, our national pride, and the prosperity of future generations.

Man Down strives to make all products in the USA using American components...from the fabric to the velcro, to the get the idea.

How do I fill my Man Bag?

The Man Bag

Man Down™ invents, develops, and produces innovative and unique fitness products. Our first product is the Man Bag™, a revolutionary variable-weight fitness sandbag (patent pending) that enables users to complete a full range of functional fitness workouts using a sandbag that fully adjusts to the user’s needs from 30 to 80 pounds. Utilizing unique design elements, we have engineered the Man Bag™ to be the first fitness sandbag on the market to incorporate a variable-weight feature without the need for additional inserts.