Introducing Man Bag University!

Man Bag University (MBU) is our very own Sandbag Fitness Bootcamp, newly developed for 2017!  If you're new to the idea of working out with a sandbag, than MBU is just for you!

Purchase a Man Bag through this special offer and attend this 90 minute bootcamp with Man Bag trainers for FREE!  We've partnered with certified trainers from Fitness Without Limits for this event who will demonstrate some of the infinite ways to use the Man Bag and implement it into your regular workout routine.  The bootcamp will include a warm-up, instruction on how to workout with a sandbag, a workout, and a cool down period.  Plus, they're happy to share their knowledge of training with the Man Bag. 

The trainers for this event will be Bonnie Nuciforo and Bryan Tremaine of Fitness Without Limits. Both are certified personal trainers with over a decade of experience and a passion for training with the Man Bag fitness sandbag.

Details of this event include:

  • Location: Cedar Grove Park (11385 Pioneer Rd, Tustin, California 92782)
  • Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017
  • Time: 8am - 9:30am
  • What to bring: Your identification, your new Man Bag filled to your desired working weight, water, and towel or yoga mat.