Men's Journal​ reports strength training is essential for a healthy metabolism (and avoiding diabetes).

Men's Journal reports that strength training is essential for a healthy metabolism (and avoiding diabetes), and it's the crucial piece that many of us may be missing in our workout routine.

Wait, what about cardio?
Cardio serves a purpose, but muscle is the most metabolically influential tissue in your body. More muscle equals more metabolic horsepower. More metabolic horsepower means less chance of stored fat which can cause an uptick in blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and/or inflammation...leading to more stored fat.

Use it or lose it!
The most important point is to start working strength training into your fitness routine now rather than later. Create and maintain muscle mass now and you'll have more to lose when your older.  Plus, muscle fibers atrophy with age when they aren't in use, and you cannot gain them back. Later in life you can still build a strong muscle with the remaining fibers, but that muscle will never be as strong as it could have been.

MJ's Recommendation
A weightlifting workout that requires you to do traditional strength exercises with fast-paced body weight exercises in between. Choose 5 strength exercises that work major muscle groups such as weighted squats, lunges, dead lifts, rows, and bench presses. Do 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. Instead of resting between sets, do 60 seconds of any body weight exercise (jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, pushups, or pullups). Move continuously, without any long breaks.

How does the Man Bag™ fit into all this?
Our Man Bag fitness sandbag system is the perfect tool for strength training, but also can be used for enhanced body weight exercises, and explosive cardio through aerobic and anaerobic activity. It's a fitness trifecta! And don't worry, it's designed for anyone from beginner to advanced...with a weight range of 10-100 lbs! We also maintain a comprehensive list of high-intensity strength training and conditioning exercises and WODs on our website, which is quickly becoming one of the top resources for sandbag fitness on the internet. Pick up a Man Bag today and start a fitness routine that will actually make a difference in your life now and for your future.