The number of exercises you can perform with your Man Bag™ is's just a few to get you started.

Try one as an AMRAP (as many reps as possible), or combine several for a total-body HIIT (high-intensity interval training) circuit.  And we know we haven't thought of them all, so send us photos or video of you using the Man Bag™ to  Or better yet,  post a photo or video on Instagram and tag us @mandown_usa so we can see it and share it with the world!

Favor YouTube instead, check out (and subscribe to) our YouTube channel for all of these exercises too!


Standard: Place feet in webbing or under bag to hold feet while doing sit-ups

Weighted version: Hug bag during sit-ups

Overhead weighted version: Hold bag over head during sit-ups (variations)

Straight arm weighted sit-up

Inverted crunch

Weighted stand up sit-ups


Elevated push-up (hands directly on bag or using rubber handles)

Elevated push-up (feet on bag)

Weighted push-up (bag on back)

Suspended (using two bags; each hand on a bag)

Offset push-up (see 3 variations below)

Using the Dip Strap

Weighted dips

Weighted pull-ups

Weighted chin-ups

Hanging weighted leg raises


Sandbag carry across back

Sandbag carry over one shoulder

Farmer's carry (carrying one bag in each hand)


Two-arm curl

One-arm curl

Hammer curl


Tricep extension

Overhead toss

Clean and jerk



Thrusters with toss

Overhead press

One-armed overhead press

Overhead shoulder transition

Weighted burpee (variations)


One arm row

Bent over row


Skull crusher

Dumbbell-style modified bench press (2 bags)

Dumbbell-style flies (2 bags)


Clean and squat

Squat with bag across shoulders

Front squat

Shouldering to squat

Sumo squat

Two-arm curl into Sumo squat

Jump squat

Sumo squat (hug bag while doing wide-stance squat)

Weighted swing squat


Weighted overhead lunge

Weighted lunge with 2 bags, one in each hand at your side

Lunge with twist

Lunge with overhead twist

Side lunge

Jump lunge

Walking lunges

Overhead walking lunge


Kettlebell swings

Russian twist


Full clean




Leg raises (with bag held elevated)

Calf raises


Shinbox to overhead press


Turkish get-up

Weighted bridge

Weighted step-ups

Weighted trail running

Plank with sandbag pull

Inverted forearm curl

Weighted bowler

Weighted bowler with side crunch

Weighted Warrior III (with bag in hands in front of you)

Weighted oblique side-raises

Weighted wall sit

Slam bag